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By way of introduction, my name is Michael Hennessey and I have packed up my years of experience and taken to the road. My territory is the Mid-Atlantic States, and my mission is solely to bring value to your business every time I walk through your door! A long time ago, I found beauty in what I call the natural foods movement. I have stayed true to a career choice predicated on the intention of helping people get well and stay healthy. I commit myself daily to being both student and teacher. And I now offer my services to you and your store, hoping that my efforts will blend well with your focus to make your business — and this world — healthier and stronger!

Quality products, education and
goodness all around

Blue Moose Consulting offers three types of service to every store in its territory. Taking advantage of any of these services will help train your staff, or gain customer loyalty for the product lines I represent.

First, I offer an outstanding broker service:

I explain the merits of product lines to store owners and managers, and troubleshoot any problems that may occur on the path from manufacturer to retailer.

Second, I offer ongoing training and education.

Whether you request a two-hour intensive for your entire staff or a twenty minute one-on-one with a new employee, I am willing and prepared to assist you in educating your staff for the mission of offering clear and correct information in this competitive marketplace. Many stores utilize this opportunity for mini-trainings with key personnel every time I visit.

Third, I offer “in-store educational events” to get your clientele excited and informed about the products you purchase from the companies I represent.

Blue Moose Consulting will not only give you as much information as possible when you are making your purchasing decision, but will also educate your staff on the products, and make every effort to actually get the products into your customers’ hands. I never employ hard-sell sales techniques, relying instead on the superiority of my products and an understanding of customers’ needs.Three levels of support — for you to use in any way to make your store more successful.


Blue Moose Consulting is here for the long haul. I have already dedicated over 20 years to the natural foods industry — and I believe in what I do. I live a natural foods lifestyle. After a long career in retail, I looked for companies that I could support completely: I wanted to represent the best. Quality is the most important sales issue this industry will encounter in the coming decade. As the mass market seeks to compete with our goals and successes, more and more inferior and lower-priced products will flood the market. Staff personnel must not only to be aware of the consumers needs, but also be prepared to and capable of explaining the quality difference to your clientele. This is the best way to ensure customer allegiance.

Since I crossed the aisle to the manufacturers’ side, I have learned many facts and key issues that support the reason we are all in business. What we do helps people, and the better the raw materials, the better the results. Blue Moose Consulting is dedicated to teaching these facts, and preparing your staff to be most effective in gaining your customers’ trust. This will allow you more time to concentrate on the business side of your enterprise.


Blue Moose Consulting has something very valuable to offer. As a manager and a buyer for over 18 years, I was on the front-lines — answering questions from customers every day. I did my research, and consulted with experts from all over the country. As we understand more and more the value of networking, we realize that you can never have too many qualified voices in the education process. I have had to become more dedicated to learning once I became involved with each of these truly superior product manufacturers. I intend to offer you new and relevant information every time we speak, and believe I will be a key contact you rely upon for clear, concise and truthful information.

Thank you for learning about Blue Moose Consulting. This introduction is a personal statement, written from my heart. This is what you get from Blue Moose Consulting, and what sets this company apart. I represent the best products, and I will work to help you fully realize the goodness that they bring. The natural foods movement is a work in progress. Let’s elevate the services we offer together in this ever-changing world.

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