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Health is more easily attainable with Education.

Exploring all the positive options that have been unearthed in the many quests for health through history and around the world is both a pleasurable pursuit and a door of knowledge that may just provide an answer needed to solve the riddle of an illness or to offer an integral and needed piece to a smart preventative health care program.

There is always a valuable degree of merit gained by anyone who takes on the challenges of knowing themselves more and being involved in keeping their own health strong.

Wildberry Education was started as an educational endeavor to share information to help people on their journey to optimal health. Wildberry Education is a friendly and loose union of people who are willing to share their research and observations with others in a dialogue toward personal betterment.

Wildberry Education is a non-profit organization, and anyone who participates understands that their role is only to share information almost as students of health conversing with students of health. It is defined in the charter of Wildberry Education that never will a speaker diagnosis or prescribe, and that the speaker will always provide information only so that the listeners can use the information provided as a springboard for further research and study. Health care needs to be a personal responsibility.

The name Wildberry Education was chosen by organization founder, Michael Hennessey, because berries are a great food for antioxidant support, and because there is a bit of truth in every statement or lecture or presentation — just like there is something edible and nutritious in every berry on the vine. Health is incremental, and so is knowledge. To that equation, Wildberry Education hopes to add a dash of fun & creativity to make everyone happy as they learn about the world of health.

Health is our only real wealth, and health is always attainable. Wildberry Education is a noble endeavor where educated students share their ideas freely and with only one expectation — that the people who participate respect the offering and use the information presented wisely.

For more information, go to the Wildberry Education website — and go to your health food store and look for consumer talks — as the best community resource that you have is your independent health food store. Natural foods stores, where quality, knowledge, truth and community health will always matter.

Blue Moose Consulting is happy to support the efforts of Wildberry Education.


For information contact WildberryEdu@aol.com

Be well
Optimal Health — the noble goal of a good life.