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Blue Moose Consulting Newsletter articles by title:

V1, 1

Jan 2004

Talking Business

Are you Missing Aloe Sales

V1, 2

Feb 2004

Beware the Facts of Atkins

February- Heart Health

V1, 3

Mar 2004

The NNFA:  It Makes Cents

Before Spring has Sprung

V1, 4

April 2004

Support Your Local Distributor

Heavy Metal Detox it is

V1, 5

May 2004

Examining the Liquid Extracts

Health is Also Skin Deep part 1

V1, 6

June 2004

Multiple Reasons to Shop

Health is Also Skin Deep part 2

V1, 7

July 2004

Nutritional Weightloss

Cinnamon is Hot this Summer

V1, 8

Aug 2004

The Great Challenge

Rhodiola for Real?

V1, 9

Sept 2004

Choosing the #1 Seller

Politics 2004

V1, 10

Oct 2004

You Have to Make the Holidays Merry

Soy Protein Revisited

V1, 11

Nov 2004

Using Displays for Sales Support

Handling the Flu

V1, 12

Dec 2004

Maximizing Holiday Displays

Vitamin E is Good Health

V2, 1

Jan 2005

Pep Talk 2005

Bluebonnet at the Forefront

V2, 2

Feb 2005

How Quick is ASAP?

Preface: Healing Begins with Balance

V2, 3

Mar 2005

Health ues are Non-Partisan

The Leader of the Pack

V2, 4

April 2005

Have Fun Spending Money

Cleaning up Means Sales

V2, 5

May 2005

Making Your Busiest Day Most Profitable

The Fast Track Seems to be the Right Track

V2, 6

June 2005

Project:  Honest Shelf Life

Gems of Modern Day Nutrition

V2, 7

July 2005

Eclectic vs. Fastsellers

A New Marketing Opportunity: 
Protection From the Sun

V2, 8

Aug 2005

Making Signage and Promotion Work

Going GREEN with Greens

V2, 9

Sept 2005

Fight Back

National Menopause Awareness Month

V2, 10

Oct 2005

Vitamin D gets an A+

Achieving Sustainability

V2, 11

Nov 2005

Mastering the Product Switch

Forecast: Flu Season 2006

V2, 12

Dec 2005

All in One

Flu #2

V3, 1

Jan 2006

Beware Discounts

Flu #3: The Most Viable Option- Homeopathy

V3, 2

Feb 2006

The Daily Read

Daily Herbs

V3, 3

Mar 2006

Taste Matters: 
Nutrition Never Tasted So Good

Mind Boggling Amino Acids

V3, 4

April 2006

Pondering Difficult Choices

Quit the Habit: Time for a Change

V3, 5

May 2006

NNFA Lobby Day ReCap

The Dueling Endcaps of May

V3, 6

June 2006

Peace and Your Business

Multivitamins Under Attack

V3, 7

July 2006

Protecting Your Business from the Internet

Salon Quality Healing

V3, 8

Aug 2006

NPA and Baltimore

Promoting Recuperation

V3, 9

Sept 2006

Sitting by the Pool and Thinking Herbs

Teaching Yourself New Ways to Buy

V3, 10

Oct 2006

Baltimore Reminds Us: Strength is Important

“A” is for Aloe

V3, 11

Nov 2006

Bringing the Training to Your Store

CoQ10 Makes its Greatest Advance in 30 Years

V3, 12

Dec 2006

Going for Your Own End-of-the-Year Cleanup

Digestion for the End of the Year

V4, 1

Jan 2007

The Obligations of a Natural Foods Retailer

Tulsi: Holy Basil

V4, 2

Feb 2007

Time To Plan Ahead Truth Trumps “Science”
V4, 3 Mar 2007 The Coming Fish Wars Prenatal Health and Nutrition
V4, 4 Apr 2007 Membership Renewal Spring Bitters: Introducing Andrographis
V4, 5 May 2007 New Ideas for Allergies, Homeopathy, Herbs & More Selling Big Ticket Items
V4, 6 June 2007 Anatomy of a Modern Illness Pure, Clear Water for All the Earth’s Inhabitants
V4, 7 Jul 2007 Good News for the Industry: Politics & Standards On the Road with Herbal Ed
V4, 8 Aug 2007 A Summertime Reality Check Seeing the Importance of Eye Health
V4, 9 Sep 2007 My Home Health Store—Rest in Peace Banish Fragrance
V4, 10 Oct 2007 Will We Raise or Lower the Bar? Herb Day and a Winter Immune Promo
V4, 11 Nov 2007 Competition the Natural Foods Way MRSA in Your World
V4, 12 Dec 2007 Keep Your Ear to the Wind In the World of Elderberry, Hype is Unnecessary
V5, 1 Jan 2008 Creating a Need—Value Brings Sales Children’s Immune Health
V5, 2 Feb 2008 Optimisim BMC Goes Green in 2008
V5, 3 Mar 2008 To Teach, as Well as Sell Liquid Herb Extracts Rise Again
V5, 4 Apr 2008 The Business of Homeopathy Weightloss Goes Natural (Part 1)
V5, 5 May 2008 The Politics of Real Food in the Classroom Trimology and the Science of Weightloss (Part 2)
V5, 6 Jun 2008 Water Quality Worries Continue Hippo & Turtle: Save the Children
V5, 7 Jul 2008 Skin Care is Our Domain (Part 1) Two How Powerful Herbs: Green Tea and Tumeric
V5, 8 Aug 2008 Natural Pet Care is Our Business Maintaining Health In the Sun
V5, 9 Sep 2008 The Tide of Seasonal Investment Going Back to School Has Never Been So Dangerous
V5, 10 Oct 2008 Please Come to Boston Have the Courage to Go Herbal
V5, 11 Nov 2008 Adjusting to an Uncertain Market Men’s Health: The Male Market
V5, 12 Dec 2008 Deciphering the Election A Few For the Flu
V6, 1 Jan 2009 Diversity in Business is Strength Proteins Worth Their Weight
V6, 2 Feb 2009 Homeopathy—More Relevant Today Than Ever Vegetarian and Other Sources of Protein
V6, 3 Mar 2009 Cheers to Our Manufacturers A Wholistic Approach to Allergies
V6, 4 Apr 2009 The Older Crowd Longevity (“and we all get old…”)
V6, 5 May 2009 Immunity in the News Herbal Cleansers
V6, 6 Jun 2009 Putting Your Money into Green Companies The Peace Issue
V6, 7 Jul 2009 The Foolishness of Not Running Deals Astaxanthin, GliSODin and Skin Care
V6, 8 Aug 2009 The Future is Now for Children's Health
V6, 9 Sep 2009 Ride the Sunlit Tides of Omega-3s and Vitamin D
V6, 10 Oct 2009 (There is Never) Off-Yeah Political Activism Blue Moose Consulting Goes Bodycare
V6, 11 Nov 2009 Flu Update: November 2009 Working for Healthy Skin in the Cold Weather Months
V6, 12 Dec 2009 Pledge to Discounts in 2010 Beating the Big Drug Companies to Weight Loss
V7, 1 Jan 2010 No Weight on This Invitation Nordic Naturals Has a Champion
V7, 2 Feb 2010 It Will Do The Heart Good The Heart Teaches
V7, 3 Mar 2010 The Mythical Land of Oz Spirituality and the Health Food Store
V7, 4 Apr 2010 Protecting Your Own House Dragon’s Blood, Albizia and Brazilian Green Propolis
V7, 5 May 2010 Stop Ignoring the Fungus Aliveness
V7, 6 Jun 2010 [Talking Peace] Local Water Issues are Part of a Wholistic Prescription
V7, 7 Jul 2010 [Special Issue] The Best Have Gotten Better
V7, 8 Aug 2010 [Speical Business] Recurring Demands for Better Natural Bodycare Products
V7, 9 Sep 2010 Now is the Time to Grow Your Business Juvo Comes of Age
V7, 10 Oct 2010 It will be the Salmon that Destroy our Oceans
V7, 11 Nov 2010 Next Stop, Baltimore Make the Most of the “New”
V7, 12 Dec 2010 Revving it up Maitake: more valuable than Silver and Gold
V8, 1 Jan 2011
V8, 2 Feb 2011 Weather Report: Heart Health
V8, 3 Mar 2011 Let the Cleansing Begin
V8, 4 Apr 2011 Growing Children Naturally
V8, 5 May 2011 A Parent’s Resource Center
V8, 6 Jun 2011 Study war No More: Healing Fallen Soldiers…  What Do We Do
V8, 7 Jul 2011 Finding Good Energy with Herbs
V8, 8 Aug 2011 Maximizing the Activity of a Demo
V8, 9 Sep 2011 In Defense of DHA
V8, 10 Oct 2011 What Just Happened New Look for the Two-a-Day
V8, 11 Nov 2011 Holistic Women’s Health
V8, 12 Dec 2011 Industry Update: Legislative Concerns
V9, 1 Jan 2012 Editorial: Watch It Go Away
V9, 2 Feb 2012 March is National Nutrition Month
V9, 3 Mar 2012 Celebrating Women’s History Month
V9, 4 Apr 2012 Expo West Summary
V9, 5 May 2012 The Mother’s Day Gift of Health
V9, 6 Jun 2012 Prioritize, Save the Children
V9, 7 Jul 2012 Oxylent Comes of Age
V9, 8 Aug 2012 Sports Nutrition 101: Anchor Your New Department With Trustworthy Heavy Lifters
V9, 9 Sept 2012 Sports Nutrition 102: Putting Muscle into a Sports Nutrition Section
V9, 10 Oct 2012 Sports Nutrition Smack-down
V9, 11 Nov 2012 Herbs Seeking New Shelf
V9, 12 Dec 2012 The Power of Beta Glucans
V10, 1 Jan 2013 Who's Got the Cough
V10, 2 Feb 2013 Vitamin D Continues to Advance
V10, 3 Mar 2013 Smart Selling for Optimal Health
V10, 4 Apr 2013 Detoxification is a Love Affair
V10, 5 May 2013 Immune Health: Taking Knowledge to Action
V10, 6 Jun 2013 Climate Change - the Truth is Out There
V10, 7 Jul 2013 The new world of HIGH INTENSITY CONCENTRATES
V10, 8 Aug 2013 Newton Homeopathics: the Extra Step to Wholism
V10, 9 Sep 2013 There is only one Pharm Farm: Going Up the Country
V10,10 Oct 2013 Do you Believe in Echinacea?
V10, 11 Nov 2013 How is it Going for You Now?
V10, 12 Dec 2013 Understanding that Gut Feeling
V11, 1 Jan 2014 The Vision of Blue Moose Consulting
V11, 2 Feb 2014 How to be a Health Visionary
V11, 3 Mar 2014 Compliance, Persuasion and Sales
V11, 4 Apr 2014 How to Throw a Party
V11, 5 May 2014 Pollen Vortex: Sinister Spring
V11, 6 Jun 2014 Talking Health: Trees, Forests, Planetary Health and Peace
V11, 7 Jul 2014 Tree Medicine Rising
V11, 8 Aug 2014 Bringing the Bs back to Life
V11, 9 Sep 2014 Talking Health: Be a Local Hero
V11, 10 Oct 2014 Getting by with a little help from friends
V11, 11 Nov 2014 The Connoisseur's EPA/DHA
V11, 12 Dec 2014 Get the World to Think New Year's Resolution

V12, 1 Jan 2015 Health Changes for the Smoker
V12, 2 Feb 2015 Immune Recovery: What to do Next
V12, 3 Mar 2015 Resilience
V12, 4 Apr 2015 Talking Health: A Plea for Homeopathy
V12, 5 May 2015 Crisis or Opportunity: Homeopathy
V12, 6 June 2015 Talking Health, the Peace Edition: In Our Work, We Reach For Peace
V12, 7 July 2015 Talking Health: Wall of Juvo
V12, 8 Aug 2015 Talking Business: Continuous Improvement, Kaizen
V12, 9 Sep 2015 Talking Business: The Mathematics of Fundational Nutrition
V12, 10 Oct 2015 Talking Business: Supporting Veterans and America's Health
V12, 11 Nov 2015 Talking Business: Adding Pineaplle with Thanks
V12, 12 Dec 2015 Talking Business: Suitable Displays for the Urgency of Now

V13, 1 Jan 2016 Talking Business: Got Heart, Anyone?
V13, 2 Feb 2016 Talking Business: Are You Going to the Seasonal Fair?
V13, 3 Mar 2016 Talking Business: Expo West Edition: The World is Going Multichannel
V13, 4 Apr 2016 Talking Business: Mind and Brain Matters
V13, 5 May 2016 News of Passing: Dr. Iichiroh, N.S.D., S.D., V.M.D., Ph.D.
V13, 6 Jun 2016 Talking Health, the Peace Edition: Peace is the acceptence of conflict. In our work, we reach for Peace
V13, 7 Jul 2016 Talking Business: Brazillian Olympics in Your Store
V13, 8 Aug 2016 Talking Health: Cordyceps and Horse Chestnut: Olympic Quality Sports Nutrition
V13, 9 Sep 2016 Talking Health: The Medicine of Insect Fungus, Plant Worm
V13, 10 Oct 2016 Talking Health: The Psychology of Bigger
V13, 11 Nov 2016 Talking Business: Allopathic "Science" Misses the Point Again
V13, 12 Dec 2016 Talking Business: The Other Shoe Has Dropped

V14, 1 Jan 2017 Talking Health - 30 Years Later, Dr. Luc's Vision Continues
V14, 2 Feb 2017 Talking Health - Energy Where it is, How to get it
V14, 3 Mar 2017 Talking Health - Chlorophyll: Green Superhero
V14, 4 Apr 2017 Talking Health - Knowing Lavender
V14, 5 May 2017 Talking Health - A is for Aloe
V14, 6 Jun 2017 Talking Health - Every Man Needs a Saw
V14, 7 Jul 2017 Talking Health - History of Aloe Vera
V14, 8 Aug 2017 Talking Health - Safe Enough for Children
V14, 9 Sep 2017 Talking Health - Introducing Abigeral: Your New Favorite Antioxident
V14, 10 Oct 2017 Talking Health - A Healthy Teen Spirit
V14, 11 Nov 2017 Talking Health - November is Digestion & Good Breth for the Holidays
V14, 12 Dec 2017 Talking Health - The Science of Aloe
V15, 1 Jan 2018 Talking Health - January Is Hawthorn - Herb of the Year
V15, 2 Feb 2018 Talking Business - Making Bodycare 20-25% of Sales
V15, 3 Mar 2018 Talking Business - Looking at the Horizon - Catching the Best New Products Now
V15, 4 Apr 2018 No newsletter published
V15, 5 May 2018 Talking Business: Swimming in Echinacea The Equisite Miracle of Collagen
V15, 6 Jun 2018 Talking Health: There can be no Peace unless we address Pollution
V15, 7 Jul 2018 Turmeric Tempest (or Turmeric Tirade)
V15, 8 Aug 2018 Talking Health: Kava: Beautiful Pepper and Modern Muse
V15, 9 Sep 2018 Talking Health: Brain Beauty
V15, 10 Oct 2018 Talking Health: The Brain is an Ecosystem
V15, 11 Nov 2018 Talking Health: The Perfect Food
V15, 12 Dec 2018 Talking Business: Realignment
V16, 1 Jan 2019 Talking Health: 2019: The war against toxins - Health or Business?
V16, 2 Feb 2019 Beyond Omega-3s: So Many Things for a Healthy Heart Protocol
V16, 3 Mar 2019 Talking Health: Make Your Skin the Most Beautiful Part of your Immune System
V16, 4 Apr 2019 Talking Health: Earth Day
V16, 5 May 2019 Talking Health: A Plea for Pregnancy Health
V16, 6 Jun 2019 Talking Business: FDA to Investigate Feeling Good
V16, 7 Jul 2019 Talking Health: Time to be Smart
V16, 8 Aug 2019 Talking Health: How BRIGHT is the Light Bulb?
V16, 9 Sep 2019 Talking Health: 2019 - Regaining the Vitamin C Market
V16, 10 Oct 2019 Talking Health: The Emotional State of Teen Health
V16, 11 Nov 2019 No newsletter published
V16, 12 Dec 2019 No newsletter published
V17, 1 Jan 2020 Talking Health: Marketing Healthy Ideas: 2020 Winter Hygge
V17, 2 Jun 2020 Talking Health: Attack on the Lungs: I can't Breathe
V17, 3 Jul 2020 Talking Health: Let's Strengthen the Lungs - System Restoration
V17, 4 Aug 2020 Talking Health: Save the Children - lets get the story straight
V17, 5 Sep 2020 Talking Health: September 2020 - We are in a Tough Position
V17, 6 Dec 2020 Talking Health: The Dark Winter (part 1)
V18, 1 Feb 2021 How Ya Doing (parts 1 + 2)
V18, 2 Mar 2021 March is Green for Kidney Health
V18, 3 Apr 2021 Talking Health: Sakura: The Japanese Cherry Tree
V18, 4 May 2021 Talking Business: Helping Long Haulers